Digital News July 6 morning news, analyst IHS Markit analyst Jeff Lin quoted supply chain sources as saying that Apple is developing a new iPad with a foldable screen, which will be launched as early as 2020

Previously, many reports have suggested that Apple may be interested in folding devices, but all about the iPhone, this is the first time we have heard that the folding screen will be used on the iPad.

According to Lin, the screen size of the iPad will be close to the current MacBook series in 2020; in addition to folding the screen, it will also support 5G networks. So, this foldable iPad will also be Apple's first 5G tablet, which will support many business functions. After opening, you can either be the whole screen or you can turn it into a keyboard.

There have been rumors that the next-generation iPad Pro will be released in early 2020, possibly with a more advanced rear camera, allowing the iPad to support shooting 3D images and editing with Apple Pencil.

Although there have been many rumors about Apple's folding screen products in the past, most of them are related to the iPhone. We think it seems a bit too fast to launch the foldable screen iPad next year. The mass production of the folding display in the industry is not mature: Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first to be listed, and the first " rolling over" Lenovo launched " the world's first foldable computer" but no news after the press conference

As for the 5G network, it is more reliable to say that the iPhone will support 5G networks in 2020. Although many mobile phone manufacturers will launch 5G mobile phones before this, after all, the network is not ready, Apple will not be too late next year.

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